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Terms & Conditions

Terms and Conditions

1. The contractual obligation (the “Contract”)
The Contract is concluded by and between Bahar Tours (the “Company”) and the customer and any name(s) (“Customer”) listed in the booking form (the “Offer Form”) that sent to Company by Customer ordering particular Service or Service (the “Service”)  whether specified in the Company’s website or not and the Company accepts the Offer Form and subsequently Customer paid the cost of the Service ordered as per the manner specified in the booking form prepared by Company (the “Booking Confirmation”).
2. Services & Change in Product
a. Company undertakes to provide the Service ordered which is described in the Booking Confirmation sent to Customer on which Customer settled the cost of the Service as per the Booking Confirmation.
b. Should there be any change of the Service, product and or the cost after Customer receive the Booking Confirmation the Company shall notify the Customer at least 21 days prior to the starting date of the Service .
3. Price and Payment Conditions

a. The product catalogue price is final unless otherwise indicated in the Booking Confirmation.
b. Deposit of 20% of total price of Service must be paid by Customer prior to sending the Booking Confirmation.
c. Company shall not be responsible for any fluctuation of the currency exchange for any price relates to the product and or Service.
d. Customer shall have the right to pay online using credit/debit card, Pay Pal.
e. Notwithstanding Clause 3 (a) Company shall have the right to increase the price in the event that the price of suppliers increases after the Booking Confirmation. Such increase will be notified to the Customer within 3 days from the date of increase.  

4. Termination & Cancellation

a. In addition to the reason stipulated in Clause 2(b) above which permit Customer to terminate the Contract, Customer shall have the right to terminate the Contract in Force Majeure event* for avoidance of any doubt failure by Customer to obtain valid visa and valid documentation or flight cancellation shall be excluded from Force Majeure provision.
b. If Customer withdraws from the Contract on grounds which are not attributable to Company, Customer agrees to pay the following cancellation fee:
i. Cancellation made with less than 15 days before the Service availed Customer shall pay 100% of the Service price.
ii. Cancellation made between 16 days and 20 days before the Service availed, Customer shall pay 50% of the Service price.
iii. Cancellation made between 21 days and 30 days before the Service availed,  Customer shall pay 20% of the Service price.
c. Company shall have the right to terminate the Contract in Force Majeure event and Company shall refund any money paid by Customer.
d. Company shall the right to terminate the Contract if Customer delays any payment relevant to Service or if there is insufficient participants in a given Service and Customer shall only, in this event, be entitles to full refund of his deposit only. 

5. Obligation of the Customer
a. Customer agrees that visa and valid documentation is his sole responsibility.
b. Customer undertakes to settle the cost of the Service subscribed to in the manner specified in the Booking Confirmation.
c. Customer undertakes that all data provided is true and accurate in all material expect.
d. Customer undertakes to accept the instructions of the Company in respect to health & safety, Service time, etc…
e. Customer shall provide all necessary traveling documents including visa to enable him/her to enter all countries where the Service shall be realized.
f. We encourage Customers to take out insurance policy to cover flight cancellation/delay, lost/damage or stolen goods/ bags/packages/belonging and personal injuries and death.
g. Customer is obliged to satisfy himself that the relevant spa treatment is suitable for his/her conditions having consulted with his physician in his home country and the physician in the relevant spa. .
6. Obligation of the Company
a. To take out an adequate insurance cover as required  by the law;
b. To perform the Services with reasonable care and skill and in accordance with generally recognised standards;
c. In timely manner to provide an adequate alternative accommodation in the event that there is a shortage of accommodation provided that Customer shall not incur any additional expenses;
d. To provide to Customer all the information that are necessary for Customer to know information  relevant to the Service;
e. To make changes in the Service price when typographical error is discovered. 
7. Liability

Company’s Liability is excluded in the following circumstances:

 Any fault attributable to the Customer whether that fault leads to damages, loss, personal injury or any  harm etc…..;
 Unforeseeable or unavoidable fault attributable to a third party that is connected with the performance of the Services; delay of air carrier to and from the Service location or during the tour.
 Any fault attributable to the Company which cannot be avoided for example  Force Majeure event and that include weather conditions,  change of government law and cancellation of the Service due to lack of participants etc…..,
 The Company is not responsible for the medical wellbeing of the Customers, we encourage Customers to take out medical insurance to cover any medical conditions they may have or develop.
 Any fault attributable to the Company due to an event beyond the control of the Company’s suppliers of the Service ordered or part of the Service.
 Government act or restriction prohibit certain part of the service not to be provided
 Act outside the control of the Company that make the service or part of it impossible to be perform for example  renovation, restorations and demolition etc……; .
 It’s the Customer responsibility to make sure that the treatment suggested by the physicians of the Spas or the treatment procedures that Customer is undertaking are suitable for the conditions of the Customer.
 Company will not be held responsible for the treatment suggested by the physicians of the Spas or the treatment procedures recommended by the Spas’ physicians.

8. Insurance of customer funds
Customer’s fund is fully protected/ covered for any possible bankruptcy and insolvency
9. Personal Data Protection
Your personal data is protected by the law.
10. General
 Company recommend that Customer to make his/her travel arrangement visa, passport, health card etc…. in advance and prior to completing the Offer Form.
 The Contract is governed by Slovak Law and the Courts of Bratislava shall have the full jurisdiction over any dispute arises out of this Contract.