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Piestany - Weight Loss, Slimming and Nutrition Balance

Piestany - Weight Loss, Slimming and Nutrition Balance

Package Cost: from    € 150,- night/ 1 person

About SPA

this package is aimed at Weight Loss, slimming and Nutrition Balance with recommended length of stay minimum 14 days.

Piestany Spa
Piestany, who is laying in the valley of the river Váh, is the most significant and famous spa of Slovakia known for treatment of locomotor diseases ad Obesity for the purpose of become fit and slim. All forms of inflammatory and degenerative rheumatic diseases, radicular syndromes and post-accidents and post-operational cases could be cured.

The Treatment and The Procedure

 Accommodation in 5* hotel with full board (min. 14 days).

treatment includes special reduction diet - individual diet low on saccharides, with sufficient intake of proteins, low on fats and rich in fluid and vitamin supply; mostly light, low-calorie meals from poultry, fish and white meats, with high content of vegetables, fibers and vitamins, enriched by-natural nutritional supplements and a drinking cur

Hotel Details

5* hotel Thermia Palace with full board

Hotel Facilities

  • Wi Fi
  • swimming pool
Piestany - Weight Loss, Slimming and Nutrition Balance