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Czech Republic

Czech Republic is a hilly country landlocked in central Europe. Formerly part of Czechoslovakia, split in 1992 becoming Czech Republic.  Czech and Moravia are rich in history - from 13th century were Czech lands known as Kingdom of Bohemia part of Roman Empire playing important role in medieval Europe until 19th century. Historical heritage includes many castles and mansions, medieval city centers. Gem of European cities – Prague Capital city has beautiful architecture displaying all styles in Europe through centuries.  Czech Republic has scenic countryside, protected national parks and landscape areas. Czech Republic has 37 Spas which of most famous and popular are in Spa Triangle – Karlovy Vary, Marianske Lazne and Františkovy Lazne.
The capital of Czech Republic has nicknames City of hundreds spires or Golden city or Mother of all cities. Prague is one of the Europe's finest cities and will charm you with its unique atmosphere. From its original small riverside settlements, Prague has spread over its hills, up river valleys, and along riverside terraces.  Each district has its own characteristic atmosphere and architecture. Prague Castle is the largest medieval castle in the world and seat of ancient rulers of Czech kingdom and Prague is part of UNESCO monuments.
Czech Medical Tourism Fame
Czech Republic has rich spa history with 37 medical spas. Traditional, the most famous and luxurious are Karlovy Vary with its beautiful colonnades, Marianske Lazne, with its singing fountain and the Luhacovice Spa with its characteristic Art Nouveau architecture. The Czech Republic has gradually emerged as a  favourite European destination for medical tourism. Diagnosis curing in Czech Spas locomotor disorders, chronic gynaecologic diseases, skin conditions, rehabilitation after sporting injuries. For closer details about diseases treated in Czech spa check treatment packages.
Cultural Heritage
Typical folk music and dance of region, pottery. Castles surrounded by beautiful French style gardens. Luxury Bohemian Crystal glass -oldest archaeological excavations of glass-making sites date to around 1250.
interesting facts about Czech Republic
The sugar cube was invented in Czech Republic in 1843.
In 1959, a  Czech national named Otto Wichterle and Drahoslav Lim  invented soft contact lenses.
Czechs’ national passion in autumn is mushroom picking in the forests.
On a clear day you can see the Eiffel Tower in Paris on the horizon from many parts of Prague
-World famed Italian writer and legendary lover Giacomo Casanova spent the last years of his life at Waldstein castle in Duchov (Bohemia) where he worked as a librarian, wrote his most famous book (The Story of My Life) and died at the age of 73

-The word robot was invented by the Czech writer Karel Čapek, who later credited his brother Josef (a famous cartoonist) for coming up with it.