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About Spa Healing

What Is The Thermal Healing Spa
For many centuries, natural cure and healing from springs has been used by people from all over the world. Today there seems to be an ever increasing interest in using natural remedies in pursuing better health and natural cure for ailments.
Thermal mineral springs are natural source of minerals and gases with healing power for humans various diseases and conditions. These springs known for their healing power that contain a unique cocktail of minerals purported to detoxify the body and heal ailments. Mineral water contains minimum 1 gram of dissolved minerals per liter. Medical mineral water is mineral water with proven healing properties.
A typical spa treatment is placed at peaceful place close to the nature where precious mineral springs occurs and formed.

Who needs Spa? For Who Is Spa Suitable?
Spa is suitable for people with medical conditions that could be healed in any particular spa and in according to the physician recommendation in the spa. Spa treatment is not suitable for people with heart conditions and pregnant women.

Medical Procedures

Healing water, combined with other medical procedures, massages, mud wraps, fresh air and pleasant nature offer health improvement. For best results stays are usually 14 or more days – depending on diagnosis and medical advice. Visitors typically undergo initial medical check and consultation done by specialized physicians who recommend the type and number of treatments and procedures that are required.