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About Bahar Tours

Bahar Tours is a company licensed by Ministry of Transport, Construction and Regional Development of the Slovak Republic. We are member of Slovak Association of Tour Operators and  Travel  Agents (SACKA). Our ambition is to be a leading company in the field of the travel & treatment tourism from the Middle East to Slovakia, Czech Republic, Austria and Hungary.
Bahar Tours  ambition is also to be the first company that links Slovakia, Austria, Hungary and Czech Republic with the Middle East in the sports of Equestrian and Falconry.
 Therapeutic tourism and holidays
We design the therapeutic tourism and holidays packages and make your favorite destination at your finger’s tips and according to your requirements and your budget.
We are capable in arranging all travel arrangements, which include spa treatment bookings, flights, halal meals, accommodation and car rental with driver or without driver. We provide also other services, ancillary to tourism industry, such as tour guide who speaks our customer's language as well as providing interpreter who could escort our customers during the treatment period should customer desire so.
Our vision and our goals
- To be the first choice for customers who are interested in obtaining spa medical treatments and leisure in Slovakia and Hungary and Czech Republic, from the GCC Countries.
- To contribute to the development of therapeutic tourism in Slovakia, Hungary and Czech Republic.
- To build a brand which will always be associated with customer confidence.
- To promote the passion of Equestrians and Falconry sports between Slovakia, Hungary and Czech Republic and Middle East.
Our Core Values
- Commitment to provide the highest quality services that meet our customers' demands and build strong and sustainable relationships with them.
- Provide observations and advices to our customers and putting their interests above all always.
- Build good relations with all parties dealing with us such as  therapeutic clinics/Spa, travel agents, tour operators, hotels, restaurants, airlines and transportation companies etc. ..
- Commitment to respond to any queries, feedback or complaint within 24 hours.